Wanna know what’s so O’my about O’my!?

The flavour of course. And the only way to get amazing flavour is to start with amazingness. We select ingredients that meet our high standards not only for flavour but also for impact. We demand food that has integrity; from growing without chemicals to making sure farmers get a fair price. That’s why we choose ingredients that are fairtrade (where applicable…see our FAQ section for more), organic, raw and as local as we can be.

Once we have all of our ingredients we go to work carefully and lovingly crafting this granola snack just for your pleasure.

It takes up to FIVE days to create such goodness! From soaking to sprouting to chopping/grating/mixing to dehydrating; it’s a labour of love and of desire for change.

We have currently have four delicious flavours to offer you.

Mmmmmmm – Apple Cinnamon Hazelnut Maple Syrup

The Big Oh – Orange Chocolate Date

Flirty Figures – Lemon Pecan Fig

Honey Dripper – Pear Vanilla Honey