Honey Dripper

Pears, Vanilla and Honey…O’my!

What a lovely combination to start your day with – oh heck, it’s such a lovely combination you can eat it at any time of day.


Unless otherwise stated, all our ingredients are raw:

Organic BC pears (BC pears when available)

Organic Saskatchewan buckwheat, sprouted

Organic fairtrade pumpkin seeds, activated

Organic Canadian sunflower seeds, activated

Organic California dates, de-pitted for your teeth’s pleasure

Local BC honey, from an organic farm

Organic chia seeds

Organic fairtrade vanilla

You got it! 100% Goodness, right down to the last crumb.

Interesting fact: Honey contains vitamins and antioxidants; in fact one unique antioxidant called “pinocembrin” is only found in honey.







Order Pear, Vanilla & Honey

200 gram bag @ $13.00