The BIG Oh!!

Orange, Chocolate & Dates

Imagine raw chocolate nestled with coconut in the sweet juice of lovingly squeezed oranges.

Now imagine that the chocolate was healthy and packed with antioxidants…

. . . oh wait, that’s real.


Unless otherwise stated, all of our ingredients are raw:

Organic orange juice, freshly massaged

Organic Saskatchewan buckwheat, sprouted

Organic California dates, de-pitted for your pleasure

Organic fairtrade pumpkin seeds, activated

Organic fairtrade coconut

Organic fair-trade agave –  check out our info on agave (not all agaves are created equally)

Organic chia seeds

Organic fairtrade cacao butter

Organic fairtrade coconut oil

Organic fairtrade Peruvian cacao powder

Organic orange zest.

There’s a period at the end of that ingredient list!  That’s right…100% Goodness! O’my! 

We make the chocolate from scratch for this granola. 

Order Orange, Chocolate & Dates

200 gram bag @ $13.00