Not sure what Granola Pooling is yet?! Fair enough! We made it up.

 Although it sounds like a bunch of granola going for a swim, we assure you it is not. That would be silly, because granola doesn’t have arms and legs with which to swim.

Granola Pooling occurs when you gather a group of your closest friends and their closest friends, order a whack-load of granola and/or chocolate and get a fabulous discount.  We ship it to you and you get to have a granola/chocolate dispersing party!

The deets you need to know about Granola Pooling:

To qualify as an official Granola Pooling participant, a minimum of 30 bags must be ordered.  Remember, you can store it in your fridge/freezer/belly.

We make it FRESH to order, so it will take 5-7 business days before we ship it out to you. This is real food that’s not just sitting around on a shelf waiting for you to adopt it – it’s being created just for you.

What you get:

$2 off every bag you order. That’s at least $60 in savings!

Fresh granola right to your door, made mere hours before being shipped to you!

A box to play with. Don’t think boxes are fun? Find a 3 year old, they’ll show you how to use it.

How to Granola Pool:

Tally the quantities of each flavour of granola (and chocolate, if desired) that your Granola Pooling companions and you are going to order.

Go to our order page and fill in the number of each flavour of granola and chocolate you’d like.

The fabulous discount ($2 per bag) will automatically be added to your order when you order 30 or more bags.

Choose your payment method. Credit cards are currently only processed through Paypal. Other options include mailing a cheque or emailing a money transfer.

Please note: If you wish to use a cheque to pay, it will delay your order by however long it takes for your cheque to clear.


Treat Yourself Well - Holiday Happiness in a basket box

Treat Yourself Well - Holiday Happiness in a basket box

Check out this SWEET deal.  Granola, chocolate, a surprise AND a discount.

GF/DF, non-gmo, that's the way to go!

Available at Circle Health Food in Invermere.

FREE granola samples

We know that not everyone can make it Invermere's Farmer's we're offering FREE samples via mail.

Wanna sample O'my Goodness! granola for free? Click here.


Add some O'my Goodness! to your event

Add some O'my Goodness! to your event

Christmas gathering, staff party, just because you want some great chocolate.

Our raw chocolate will be a tasty addition to your soiree. Made to order.