This feature is not yet available…but soon, very soon…patience grasshoper. :)

WARNING: Granola Monsters are on the rise. Don’t be fooled; granola monsters come in all sizes and shapes and are not limited to wearing cute tutus.


Lesson 1  from the Granola Monster Whispering Pros (that’s us):  Always have a bag of O’my Goodness! granola snacks hidden away to lure the grumpy grumblies out of the Granola Monster.  Of course any discerning Granola Monster will require fresh O’my Goodness! granola snacks and the best way to do that is to get it regularly.

The best way to do that is to join our monthly granola subscription. It’s delivered fresh so you are always prepared to tame the Granola Monster(s) in your house…or worse, if you suddenly transform into the Granola Monster yourself.

Get it fresh, get it delivered, get a discount. Grrrrrrrin!

Be very afraid of the closet granola monster. You know…the loved ones that grumble and say all that granola stuff is for hippies. And then you come home to a pile of crumbs, an empty bag, & a satiated granola monster sitting in a closet.

How it works:

Simply go to “Register” (under “My Account”) and fill in the form. Then order a bag of granola or two or three or four with paypal and VOILA…instant granola subscription. You can change the flavour(s) you get every month.

Every month there will be a goodie box in your mail. YAY!

There are some restrictions and/or working courtesies. 

Because our granola takes up to 5 days to lovingly create, we need at  least 7 days of notice if you decide change your order. That’s all! 


Granola Subscriptions:

To purchase a subscription, please Register or Login and return to this page to view your PayPal buttons